Medscale GPRS/GSM 2.1

Daily monitoring of body weight plays an important role in the ongoing treatment of many chronic conditions such as heart or kidney disease. Rapid and sudden weight gain is often an important signal that patient health is deteriorating.

Together with LEIFHEIT, a global leader in weight measurement technology, Medscale systems has developed a wireless scale which features an integrated GSM module, enabling the immediate transfer of daily weight monitoring data to the relevant GP, nurse or hospital.

For the patient, the scale functions in exactly the same way as a traditional bathroom scale. The scale is remotely configured and as soon as the patient steps on, the measurement data is automatically fed in to the Medscale telemonitoring system.

Product features for the Medscale systems GPRS/GSM 2.1:

  • Automatic data transfer via GPRS / GSM automatic SMS back-up system
  • One device solution, with no further base station etc., required
  • 24 months maintenance-free
  • Battery operated, no mains connection required
  • Extra large LCD display
  • Non-slip surface
  • Up to 150kg bodyweight
  • CE certified (ISO9001 and ISO13485)