Medscale systems designs and brings to market telemetric solutions and web-based user interfaces. These fit seamlessly and effortlessly into daily doctor and patient interactions, enabling telemonitoring to be effectively used in dealing with chronic illnesses.

Medscale systems works closely with interface users, patients and medical professionals throughout the entire product development phase. As a result, our products are simple to use and focus exclusively on the relevant metrics.

The company has in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in both medicine, pharma and telecommunications. Our mission is to be the first company ever to make fast and cost-efficient telemonitoring accessible to the mass-market. The Medscale GPRS/GSM 2.1 is the first telemonitoring system to be mass-produced. Blue-chip partner companies are supporting and accompanying this project as we aim to establish telemonitoring as a standard feature of modern healthcare.